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Kevina Boone, PMHNP

RoomID: cc-kboone

Frinette Checo, MD

RoomID: cc-fcheco

Raj Singh

Annika Holmberg, NP

RoomID: holmberg

Eliza Adhikari, Adult Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Linda Baxter, RN, Ph.D., PMHNP/CNS-BC

RoomID: baxter

Rosebelle DeLeon, M.D.

RoomID: rosebelledeleon

Lisa Whitnum, NP, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: cc-lwhitnum

Barbara Laird, Ed.D., R.N., PMHNP/CNS-BC

RoomID: laird

Doris Mbony, PMHNP

RoomID: cc-dmbony

Khaleelah Ishmael Pope, NP

RoomID: cc-kishmael

Tika Northington, PMHNP

Jacquetta Garris, MSN, PMHNP-BC

RoomID: cc-jgarris

Gloria Kim, NP

Susan Lansbury, PNP & Board Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist

Ross A. Yaple, M.D.

RoomID: cc-ryaple

Lauren Dorsey, NP

Kate Tibbs, NP

RoomID: tibbs

Arun Paul, M.D.

RoomID: cc-apaul

Komal Singh, MD

RoomID: cc-singh

Shrina Desai, M.D.


Patricia Roy, Licensed Psychiatrist

RoomID: cc-proy


Rebecca Cohen, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

RoomID: cc-rcohen

Kimberly Giancaspro , LCSW

Pamela Smith-Graham, LPC


Edythe Bouldin, LPC

RoomID: cc-ebouldin

Beth McGraw, Ph.D.

RoomID: bethmcgraw

Renee Hannah, MSW

RoomID: cc-rhannah

Donna Benjamin, PsyD

RoomID: cc-dbenjamin

Rita Moore, LPC

Eres Rapree, MA

RoomID: cc-erapree

Sarah Benton, Psy.D.

RoomID: sbenton

Jennifer Cameron, Ph.D.

RoomID: cameron

James Baughman, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: cc-jbaughman

Donna Purcell, Psy.D.

RoomID: purcell

Brittni Williams, LCSW


Luon Fletcher, LPC

Janeece Summers, LPC

Towanna Morgan, LPC, CSACs

RoomID: cc-tmorgan

Jenee Lewis-Walker, Psy.D.

RoomID: jeneewalker

Teresa Endsley, PhD, LPC

Nachelle Jenkins M.S LPC

RoomID: cc-njenkins

Ronald Smith, LPC

RoomID: cc-rsmith

Stephanie Dawkins, LCSW

Tammy Forbes, BS, MA, LPC

RoomID: cc-tforbes

Michael Ellwood, Ph.D.

RoomID: wood

Deborah Walker, MS, LPC

RoomID: cc-dwalker

Matthew Stone, Psy.D.

RoomID: stone

Tyler Taylor, LCSW


Wendy K. Matzke, Edu.,Edu.,MA,CRC, LPC QMHP

RoomID: cc-wmatzke

Gwen Bohn, LCSW

RoomID: gwenbohn

Danielle Crane/ MS in Rehabilitation Counseling

RoomID: cc-dcrane

Rachel Kraemer, LPC

RoomID: cc-rkraemer

Michelle Schmitt, Ph.D, LCP, CSAC


Tanaysha Wilson, LCSW

RoomID: cc-twilson

Staci Dungee, M.S.

RoomID: cc-sdungee

Jane Kudlas, Ph.D.

Melissa Futreal, MSW, LCSW

RoomID: cc-mfutreal

Spencer Cruz-Katz, Ph.D.