Ronald Smith, LPC

Serving: 12+

About Ronald Smith, LPC

Ronald Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Doctorate in Human Behavior. He has been working in a therapeutic capacity serving those affected by behavioral health distress for over 20 years. His experiential knowledge ranges from clinics and rehabilitation centers to hospitals and community service boards. Within my background is the almost continuous provision of therapy and counseling to individuals, couples, and groups, ranging from adolescent children to geriatrics.

Ronald's specialty is that he caters to the needs of the individual with a person-centered perspective. So, whether the area of distress is anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or communication deficits, anger management or even managing symptoms of a psychotic disorder, he wishes embark on the journey together. For those suffering from substance abuse, he presents with a very knowledgeable background. So again, let’s work on addressing the areas you find concerning.


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