Matthew Stone, Psy.D.

Provider type: Psychologist

Serving: 20-65

About Matthew Stone, Psy.D.

Dr. Stone joined LifeStance Health in March of 2015 and is based out of the Hanover office. He practices an integrated psychotherapeutic approach with teens, adults and couples. A safe exploratory relationship is central to his work, allowing his clients to express thoughts and feelings freely, including aspects of themselves that were previously not fully known. Dr. Stone views therapy as an opportunity for emotional transformation, problem solving and personal growth. He puts emphasis on identifying specifically what his clients wish to change and then he collaboratively sets out to discover what internally is maintaining these patterns. His approach involves self-exploration, regulation of emotion and developing a coherent mind-body understanding of symptom presentation. In addition to discovering and restructuring maladaptive patterns of thought, Dr. Stone focuses on deeply processing and healing emotional pain. His method focuses on symptom reduction as well as the rediscovery of personal qualities and vitalities previously blocked by anxiety, insecurity and limiting beliefs about one’s self, others and the world. Dr. Stone aims to help his clients clarify personal meaning and to empower them to take effective action. His work is empirically grounded in the psychotherapy outcome literature and informed by discoveries from the field of neuroscience about how to achieve deep, lasting change.

Dr. Stone treats a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders and emotional difficulties including depression, anxiety, bipolar and related disorders, trauma- and stressor-related reactions and couples and relational problems.
In addition to therapy, Dr. Stone has experience with psychological testing for children and adults to assess attentional functioning, learning and developmental disabilities and emotional well being.


Mechanicsville – Hanover

9202 Center Oak Court
Mechanicsville, VA 23116