About Dwight Porter, LPC

Dwight is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), practicing for 4 years in Richmond, Virginia and since 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, as a retired counselor educator, he worked in VA, NC and GA as a school counselor helping youth from 11-18 years old, reach their full potential. Varied experiences in community mental health and education have led him to the following beliefs:

People are more alike than different;

Fairness to all people regardless of social class; and

Uniqueness and value can be found in everyone.

These beliefs form the foundation of Dwight's work in counseling sessions and usage of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). In CBT he serves as a coach/teacher/counselor, helping individuals change/improve/modify their affections, behaviors and cognitions. Dwight is orderly and disciplined in life and brings these characteristics to therapy. As an early bird, he rises at 5 to 5:30 each morning to enjoy a brisk 3 mile walk in downtown Hampton or Fort Monroe. Dwight believes these walks are refreshing and helps him to focus on his day. Similar to the concept of mindfulness, these walks are a special time in the day, the beginning where he can focus on the present, clear the mind and challenge himself to be the best that he can and be as accountable as he can. This structure he will also bring to therapy helping is clients to be encouraged and motivated.

Areas of interest and counseling expertise include:

Sexuality and HIV awareness

Planning for retirement

Coping with depression

Anxiety and Stress

Talking about feelings

Family relationships and care giving.

As a recent retiree, Dwight brings career retrospective to his work with youth. Over thirty years in education, his key strengths were:

Striving to reach all youth, through impromptu hallway meetings, regularly visiting classrooms and allowing them to see their counselor away from behind the desk; Strong support for initiatives which strived to connect students in positive ways with at least one supportive adult in the school. This adult would encourage, check-on or reach out to students regularly to ensure that he/she is on task, and support for the underdog in every situation.

Of special interest in working with youth:

School phobia

Childhood depression

Improving grades

Time management



HIV awareness


Aids/Sexually Transmitted Disease

First Generation College

Dwight's primary therapeutic method is Cognitive Behavior Therapy—where he serves as coach/counselor and help individuals change/improve/modify their affections, behaviors and cognitions.